Grimm's Geekgasm

So I’ve started wondering some more about John Hurt’s Doctor, and whereabouts he falls in place regarding the current era of Doctor Who, and it lead me to looking at the consoles of the TARDISes, especially the one we’ve now been shown in the trailer for the Day of the Doctor. 

Now, to me, it looks as though the console Hurt is using is somewhere between Eight and Nine/Ten’s consoles, with a slightly simplistic design. If you look at the central column, it’s got the same tubes as Eight’s, just without the top set visible. These same tubes carried over with small variations to Nine’s, and have returned in a much newer way for Eleven’s newest console.

Also, the coral ceiling supports seem to be growing in Hurt’s room, but the floor is definitely smaller, which makes sense to the fact that at this time we can probably assume he’s on his own in his TARDIS, whereas Nine, Ten, and Eleven’s console rooms have tons of floor space for the people he’s travelling with.

And as much as this could play into the idea of him being a lost regeneration, I’m holding onto my theory (at least for the next 11 days) that he’s started to change the look with his age, and that he’ll be revealed to be an aged look for the Eighth Doctor, just before his regeneration into Eccleston’s Ninth, and he’s already started to “change the desktop”, as it were.

But, you never know, really. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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